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Hi, I’m Daisy and I am the owner & founder of Littlefavoursx we started our business back in 2019 when COVID 19 hit. As covid ruined lots of careers this is when we started our dream and it became what we are today! Starting with just bespoke biscuits for birthdays & celebrations we quickly expanded to our afternoon tea boxes which was a massive hit in lock down especially when we could socialise outside! We then introduced our breakfast & grazing boxes which lead us to our amazing grazing tables! The great thing with grazing tables is that there is always something for everyone’s appetite ! It immediately gives the guest that WOW factor soon as they walk into any event! We have now added baking into our menu which is something I have always been so passionate about since a young age. We are now at numerous markets where we sell all of our cookies & brownies and tray bakes and SO much more! I hope you enjoy all the products you see and we are always open to creating that something extra special for your event. 
Lots of love Daisy Littlefavoursx 

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